p▓atches of flatland are scattered. The

. Legend has it that th▓eir ancestors earlier lived in Hunan Provinc▓e, then emigrated to Guangxi and multipl▓ied by marrying the local women who spoke the Maonan tongue. There are other Maonans surnamed▓ Lu, Meng, Wei and Yan, whose ancestral homes are said to have been in Shandong and Fujian provinces.The Maonan language belongs to the Dong-Shui branch of th

e Zhuang-Do▓ng language group of the Chinese-Tibet▓an language family. Almost all the Maonans know both the Han and the Zhuang lan

guages because of long contact with those people.HistoryLong sub

jected to the oppression of the ruling class, the Maonan areas developed very slowly. At▓ the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1▓644), the Maonans still used wooden

re are m▓any small stre

hoes and ploughs. Various iron tools were in us▓e by

  • ams which are used to
  • irrigate paddy rice
  • fields. Drough
  • t-resistant crops
  • are grown
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